• Melanie Kurt

    Melanie Kurt

    „The one element in yesterday´s performance of „Götterdämmerung“ that was unfamiliar to this public was the Brünnhilde of Mme. Melanie Kurt. As was to be expected from her previous Wagnerian impersonations since she arrived here, it was an extremely fine one and, lacking only at …

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  • Sabine Kalter

    Sabine Kalter

    There were times, especially during the early years of our century, when the Volksoper of Vienna was held in greater esteem than the Court Opera House. Its director, Rainer Simons, had one great advantage over his colleague at the Court Opera: he possessed an unerring …

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  • Elisabeth Ohms

    Elisabeth Ohms

    Like Lotte Lehmann, Frida Leider, Elisabeth Schumann, Heinrich Schlusnus and Friedrich Schorr, Elisabeth Ohms, too, was born in 1888 – to be more precise on May 17th in Arnhem, The Netherlands. She studied violin and piano and only at the age of 28 decided to become …

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  • Aline Sanden

    Aline Sanden

    „What I saw was not just any Carmen but  the  Carmen. Every operatic pose retreated into the background and revealed the essence of a woman half demon half driven by physical desires whose blazing intensity reached even the remotest seat in the audience. One had …

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  • Giacomo Lauri-Volpi

    Meetings onstage – Lauri-Volpi

    I first met Lauri-Volpi in Rome, but started singing with him later, in Monte Carlo. Having just finished one exhausting tour, I suddenly knew that my impresario had made an agreement, according to which I would have to perform in the capital of Monaco during several forthcoming months…

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  • Meetings onstage – Lauri-Volpi
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