• Paolo Silveri

    Paolo Silveri

    Paolo Silveri was born on December 28th 1913 in Ofena (province of Aquila). Although being of almost the same age as Bechi (born 1913), Gobbi (1915) and Taddei (1916) his career only started with some delay. Like Giuseppe Valdengo and many other promising young singers, …

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  • Nicolae Herlea

    Nicolae Herlea

    Born as Herle on 28 August 1927, Bucharest, he discovered his talent by fortune as he tells in an interview. He caught a very bad cold and he needed light surgery, but the doctor, being familiar with singers, noticed he had exceptional vocal cords and did not intervene. After that episode, he started singing, training himself as a tenor.

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  • Carlo Galeffi

    Carlo Galeffi

    Carlo Galeffi was born in 1882 and would make his professional operatic debut in 1903. Galeffi was a favorite of Toscanini and a stalwart of La Scala in Milan, singing there regularly from 1912 through 1938.  Throughout his career he excelled in the works of Giuseppe Verdi and also …

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  • Mattia Battistini

    Mattia Battistini

    Mattia Battistini was born in 1856 in Rome and showed great musical abilities from a very young age, beginning his vocal studies with the great Venceslao Persichini. His major opera debut came when he was just 22 years of age in Donizetti’s “La Favorita” and enjoyed immediate success and …

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