• Adam Didur

    Adam Didur

    Adam – respectively Adamo, as he himself italianized his name – Didur´s name must be listed among those of the most outstanding basses of our century. He does not have to fear comparison with the likes of Plancon, Rothier, Journet or Mardones, to name just …

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  • Paolo Silveri

    Paolo Silveri

    Paolo Silveri was born on December 28th 1913 in Ofena (province of Aquila). Although being of almost the same age as Bechi (born 1913), Gobbi (1915) and Taddei (1916) his career only started with some delay. Like Giuseppe Valdengo and many other promising young singers, …

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  • Maria Olszewska

    Maria Olszewska

    The distinct need for independence of Maria Olszewska´s self-willed personality strongly influenced her remarkable singing career. Apart from Olszewska´s artistic achievements, her hot-tempered character and her seductive appearance, which led to several affaires in her private life, contributed much to the timeless popularity of this …

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  • Screenshot 811

    Sergei Lemeshev

    His father died when Lemeshev was 10, so supporting his family was paramount. A nearby well-to-do family introduced him to classical music and he was encouraged to have vocal lessons. After some success singing in a social club in Tver, he joined the Tver Cavalry …

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  • Paul Asciak

    Paul Asciak

    Paul Asciak was born in Valletta, Malta on January 28, 1923. His talent showed early enough and he spent years of singing in the famed St James Choir, Valletta. He started taking his first singing lessons with Maltese tenor Nicolò Baldacchino. He made his first …

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