• Icilio Calleja

    Icilio Calleja

    The number of tenors throughout the first half of the twentieth century considered great exponents of the role of Otello ever since Francesco Tamagno premiered Giuseppe Verdi’s opera in 1887 at La Scala, can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Without a doubt …

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  • Oreste Kirkop

    Oreste Kirkop

    Oreste Kirkop (Chircop), Malta’s singing ambassador of the Fifties who achieved international fame was born at Hamrun on July 26, 1923, the sixth child among the ten siblings of Jean Chircop and Fortunata Panzavecchia. Discovered and trained first by the Maltese tenor Nicolo’ Baldacchino, and later by …

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  • Anatoly Orfenov

    Anatoly Orfenov

    In 1928, Orfenov came to Moscow and found a place in the class of Alexander Akimovicha Pogorelskogo, follower of the Italian school of Bel Canto.Working with the major masters of Russian musical art finally shaped Orfenov into an ‘individual’ actor. He rapidly gained a leading …

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  • Gafni Miklos

    Miklos Gafni

    Gafni, whose original family name was Weinstock, was born on 28 May 1923. When Hungary was finally occupied in the closing stages of WWII, the family was rounded up and deported – Miklos to forced labour camps in Silesia, the others to unknown destinations. He …

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  • Giacomo Lauri-Volpi

    Giacomo Lauri-Volpi

    Which tenor had the career of Lauri-Volpi? Not many. Despite his fairly late debut at the age of 27, the Italian tenor enjoyed one of history’s longest careers, making his last opera performance at the age of 67 and astonished the world of opera by …

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