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    Strange uses of opera in movies and TV

    You’re enjoying your favorite television show when a dreaded commercial break hits. The ad shows pasta twirling alluringly around a fork in an elegant, candle-lit Italian restaurant. There are roses on the table. It’s the height of romance. Opera is playing softly in the background… what’ i …

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  • Haensel Und Gretel 1822 Michelides

    Opera in (and after) school

    My first opera experience was The Magic Flute at Portland Opera. I was a freshman in high school at the time, and a friend of mine was in the children’s chorus. She’d been cast as one of the three spirits and was very excited for her first …

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  • European Grey Wolf In Prague Zoo

    Opera superstitions

    Athletes and performers are famous for their superstitions. Mistakes are public and can be devastating, so it makes sense that they’d want a little extra help from luck. (If I make a typo while writing this blog post, I can just fix it. A soprano …

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  • Trojanwar

    Dream opera seasons (again)

    I love dreaming up opera seasons! I’m not actually managing an opera festival, so I am not beholden to petty concerns about what will sell tickets. I enjoy creating seasons with a strong theme, ideally with the opportunity for musical variety within that theme. Few companies actually …

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    Book review: A Song of Love and Death

    Peter Conrad’s A Song of Love and Death sports a grand subtitle: “The Meaning of Opera.” Don’t expect the promised enlightenment—“A Catalogue of Opera” would have been more appropriate. The book freewheels through the canon, calling on both famous and obscure operas to support the author’s claims. Conrad …

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  • Book review: A Song of Love and Death
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