• 900x1100 Romeo

    The Best Recordings of Romeo et Juliette

    I wasn’t initially planning to write today, but since it’s Valentines Day it seemed appropriate to tackle this opera today. Truthfully, I was planning on doing this review next week, as I see it as the perfect parallel for Tosca, for me at least. They’re quite …

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  • Hqdefault

    The Best Recordings of Tosca

    Puccini’s “shabby little shocker” is considered by many opera aficionados to be one of the most superb combinations of musical brilliance and maudlin melodrama to ever be put on stage. Sprinkled within the score of Tosca is some of the most brilliant musical moments Puccini …

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  • Naked opera

    Does nudity have a place in opera?

    (Note: none of the videos in this article include full nudity, but they come close. Parental discretion advised.) The Metropolitan Opera was recently the subject of scathing articles when it emerged that they paid supernumeraries more money to wear less clothing. “Less clothing” in this …

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  • Komische Oper Berlin Der Vampyr

    Halloween special: ghosts, witches and vampires

    My neighbors’ lawns are full of fake cobwebs and inflatable giant pumpkins, so Halloween must be approaching. There are many ways to give your celebration of this important holiday some operatic flair. Headed to a costume party and unsure what to wear? The beloved website What …

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  • Mozart

    You might be stuck in a Mozart opera if…

    Worried that your life is starting to resemble a Mozart opera? Here’s a handy guide (inspired by The Toast) to help you determine whether you are, in fact, a character in one of Wolfie’s music dramas. Seek further assistance if if… You’re a baritone, and …

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