• Triumphal March Aida

    Why aren’t they singing?

    Take a look at this triumphal march from a production of Aida at the Metropolitan Opera. Now imagine trying to stage that using only the salaried chorus of a typical opera company–perhaps 40 or 50 singers. The stage would seem pretty empty, and there’d definitely be some …

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  • Graham Sesto

    No Mics Attached

    When I talk to people who don’t know anything about opera, the thing that seems to shock them the most is the fact that no one uses microphones: not the singers, not the orchestra, and often not even the dreaded announcer who has stepped onstage …

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  • Hubble Starburst Large 100706 02

    Sun, Moon, and Stars

    We’re in the dog days of summer over in the Western hemisphere. All things considered, it’s been a pretty good season, weather-wise. Though summer has never been my favorite of the four seasons (I’m much more of an autumn and winter girl if you must …

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  • Venicepreserved

    If only there were an opera based on…

    Some opera fans love opera in spite of the plots. They accept that most opera plots are absurd and overdrawn, but make excuses for the art form in light of its other merits. I take the opposite approach: Opera plots were part of what first …

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  • Anna Netrebko   Romy 2013 A

    What Would Anna Netrebko Do?

    What would it take for you to stop listening to your favorite opera diva?  Could you ever ban your favorite composer from your iTunes library on the basis of his/her personal ideology? I’ve been thinking. Scott Rose’s recent editorial over at Norman Lebrecht’s infamous classical …

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  • What Would Anna Netrebko Do?
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