• Kasarova Orfee

    Recordings That Make a Crier Out of Me

    Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not a crier.  But, I have to admit, that there are a few opera recordings that, on the first listen, brought me to tears. When I was first exploring opera, I listened to every opera I could get …

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  • Images

    An Online Night at the Opera

    Attending an operatic performance can be quite an arduous task. Procuring tickets is often difficult (anyone who has attempted to purchase tickets to a particularly popular production will agree), not to mention costly. Opera fans may be forced to weigh productions–“which can I afford to …

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  • Houston Grand Opera Il Trovatore April 2013 Dolora Zajick As Azucena 090503

    Thou Shalt Covet Thy Neighbor’s Arias

    If you’re a singer, chances are you have a Secret List of arias you’d kill to sing. But if you’re anything like me, you also have a Not So Secret List of arias you’d kill to sing that happen to be in a fach or …

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  • Nervous

    Overcoming Audition Jitters

    As a singer, I’ve attended countless auditions.  Each one is unique, with its own set of challenges, but I’ve found that the nerves are the same.  Most singers I know get nervous at every audition, even to the point of it affecting their performance.  So …

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  • Diana Damrau La Reina De La Noche

    Hit Me with a.. High Note?

    “Am I afraid of high notes? Of course I am afraid. What sane man is not?” – Luciano Pavarotti Among casual listeners, opera aficionados, avocational vocalists, and professional singers alike, high notes are a constant topic of conversation. Take an impromptu survey about what actually …

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