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15 Jan 2016, 02:19
Forum: Opera Singers
Topic: Falsi Miti
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Re: Falsi Miti

Likes & dislikes of some voices are a personal matter, of course. Many of the singers of the "scream into the horn" days did not record well, so you really can't make a clear judgement on them from what was left behind. Leo Slezak's top did not record well, but he certainly could color his voice. Hi...
15 Jan 2016, 01:52
Forum: Opera Pub
Topic: Which genres other than opera do you love?
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Re: Which genres other than opera do you love?

I began bopping along with Elvis & the early rockers till I heard Di Stefano's 1959 aria recital disc(my brother's...he was a tenor with the Houston Grand Opera for many years). This started me in opera, then grew into other forms of classical music. I also like the people who came out of the folk m...
15 Jan 2016, 01:40
Forum: Opera Pub
Topic: Grandi-Tenori reunion thread
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Re: Grandi-Tenori reunion thread

Hi. I was one of the Grandi-Tenori crew; I didn't say much, but did post from time-to-time.
09 Jan 2016, 17:07
Forum: Historic Opera Singers - Lebendige Vergangenheit
Topic: The golden thread of Italian lyrical singing
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Re: The golden thread of Italian lyrical singing

I think Ferruccio Tagliavini should go in there some place. (By-the-way, you got Giuseppe spelled wrong)
05 Jan 2016, 19:46
Forum: Opera Singers
Topic: Most beautiful obscure voice?
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Re: Most beautiful obscure voice?

The tenor, Luigi Pontiggia, had a voice very much in the Gigli/Tagliavini mold, but he sang as a comprimario most of his career. Even in real "dog" performances, he was usually singled-out by reviewers for his excellent acting and beautiful voice. I have a Drury Lane "L'Amico Fritz" with him, and it...
05 Jan 2016, 19:37
Forum: Singing & Singing Technique
Topic: Acting in concert format
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Re: Acting in concert format

I'd have to agree with the preceding post. Acting to the air seems a bit ludicrous. I have never seen this myself, but the emotion some singers put in on their selections gets through to the listener quite well.
05 Jan 2016, 19:30
Forum: Opera
Topic: Modern operas
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Re: Modern operas

The operas of Thomas Pasatieri & Carlisle Floyd are pretty decent.