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by Jim
18 Mar 2016, 20:07
Forum: Opera Pub
Topic: Grandi-Tenori reunion thread
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Re: Grandi-Tenori reunion thread

I am an old fossil from the Grandi-Tenori days. I am delighted to see this resurrection and indeed some of the contributors from there. I hope it will be a lively reincarnation. In the main Grandi-Tenori was a site of lively debate and largely respectful of varying opinions with some well known exce...
by Jim
18 Mar 2016, 15:43
Forum: Historic Opera Singers - Lebendige Vergangenheit
Topic: Friedrich 'Fritz' Karl Otto Wunderlich 1930 - 1966
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Re: Friedrich 'Fritz' Karl Otto Wunderlich 1930 - 1966

Quite magnificent and must be listed amongst the the greatest recorded lyric tenors. Mind you, I am not so sure about that Granada. The start is certainly attention grabbing from F to Bb but only on first hearing. Contrast this with 'Una furtiva lagrima' which also start on F and goes the other way....
by Jim
18 Mar 2016, 15:17
Forum: Opera Singers
Topic: Soviet voices
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Re: Soviet voices

I am occasionally prone to collecting performances and creating a CD with information about the performances for my own use. I do this less frequently now. A USB key connected to the car system works as well. However to make a long story longer I was digging around and collecting recordings of Sovie...