Which genres other than opera do you love?

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Which genres other than opera do you love?

Postby Darksoprano » 05 Jan 2016, 07:49

I'm a metal kind of gal. In fact, I liked metal before I loved opera. Most of my opera friends don't seem to have interest for music that is not opera or classical. What other genres do you love?

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Re: Which genres other than opera do you love?

Postby oddjobman » 06 Jan 2016, 04:18

I like the painted face characters in Peking opera. These characters have deep dark bass voice, much like the Slav basso in the west. The meaning that goes into the colour and pattern of the painting on the face is fascinating. But the other characters in Peking opera sing with falsetto that is painful to the ears

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Re: Which genres other than opera do you love?

Postby Geoff » 08 Jan 2016, 00:14

An interesting question.
I'm a fairly basic sort of person and easy to please. I like all kinds of music apart from rap. Is that really music ? As I've said before, 'horses for courses'. Musically, my very first love was the piano; still is. A very old friend of mine is a 1st class violinist so I've learned to appreciate that instrument very much.

Away from music I enjoy cycle sport. I still ride a bike but age dictates that I've slowed down a lot but I do what I can.

Anything else ? Humour. I can find humour in most things.

Painting. Very therapeutic. At one time I could manage four walls and a ceiling in a morning, but I've slowed down down here as well. Three walls and no ceiling - it makes me dizzy !!

Women. Once again age has spoiled things. Besides, my wife won't let me. Oh well !!


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Re: Which genres other than opera do you love?

Postby Lambert » 08 Jan 2016, 00:17

Opera. :D

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Re: Which genres other than opera do you love?

Postby CVAULT1 » 15 Jan 2016, 01:52

I began bopping along with Elvis & the early rockers till I heard Di Stefano's 1959 aria recital disc(my brother's...he was a tenor with the Houston Grand Opera for many years). This started me in opera, then grew into other forms of classical music. I also like the people who came out of the folk music days, and a lot of the pop music up through the '70's. After that, most of it turned into a bunch of over-produced noise. In my 43 years in broadcasting, four of which were with Armed Forces Radio & Television, my wide scope of musical knowledge stood me well for doing a pretty wide range of programs. I also like many of the pop singers of Thailand. SS

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Re: Which genres other than opera do you love?

Postby superhorn » 22 Jan 2016, 22:59

I love all kinds of classical music ; orchestral , chamber music, choral works, piano music, oratorios, lieder , etc.
I'm also a big fan of the amazing Tuvan throat singing of southern Siberia and Mongolia, where one singer produces two or more pitches
by producing audible overtones ! Years ago, I saw them perform in New York, and they were amazing .

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