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How do I get a profile photo?

Posted: 06 Jan 2016, 11:23
by Lambert
I see some members have profile photos of opera singers, but I don't see how to get those.

Re: How do I get a profile photo?

Posted: 06 Jan 2016, 11:30
by Opera Vivrà
We will post an explanation of some features of the website and forum shortly. Regarding the profile photo (forum avatar):

Go to your user control panel, third link from the left under the logo. Click your profile tab. There you can edit your avatar and signature. Choose between options by clicking the dropdown box at "Avatar type". Avatars can be loaded in the following ways:

1. Gravatar
This is a universal avatar that you can upload at Accounts of the forum are connected to a website, so if you log in here and have a gravatar set, it will also show on in your comments on the blog:

2. Upload it to the forum or link to a remote file
You simply upload an image that is at least 25 pixels by 25 pixels and maximally 96 pixels by 96 pixels, or paste in the url of your avatar image.

3. You choose one from our gallery
The gallery will be periodically updated with new photos of singers, composers, conductors, etc. It seems a few members found this gallery and are using photos from it as their avatar.
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Hope this helps. :)

Re: How do I get a profile photo?

Posted: 08 Jan 2016, 00:18
by Lambert