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Franco Corelli

Posted: 21 Mar 2016, 16:25
by Trickydicky1
I've heard some lily-livered singers and critics pooh-poo this tenor superstar of the 60s, as if he were devoid of brain and style. The best I heard said of him by such critics was "he had a ginormous voice". Well, he certainly had, but he often used it with beautiful control and stylish restraint (evident in even such an old warhorse as "E lucevan le stelle", even if he did sob at the end"
"The man was all tone and nothing else", another such critic said. Well, I luxuriated in his tone, and wished a few more tenors of the 'dramatic' type could produce something anywhere near as rich and ringing.
Suddenly the name Ben Heppner has come to mind. Maybe I'll post something about him soon.

Re: Franco Corelli

Posted: 20 May 2016, 23:57
I think you have to give a lot of credit to Corelli. He had this enormous trumpet voice, as did Del Monaco, but was always trying to refine it, hence, his going into roles like Werther & Romeo...things a dramatic tenor wouldn't normally entertain doing. His nice diminuendo's & attempts at soft singing were usually pretty successful, considering the horn he was trying to control.

Re: Franco Corelli

Posted: 21 May 2016, 11:30
by Jim
Dr. Veronica Dunne, the pre-eminent voice teacher in Ireland for the past fifty years of so recommends that student singers listen to the great singers. She has particularly recomended that people listen to the live recording of Tosca with Corelli and others. He was, she says, "in absolutely fantastic voice, never more so than in E lucevan le stelle".

Here it is;

This is a very large voice under full control.

Dr. Dunne has not retired yet, and she is nearly 88 years.


Re: Franco Corelli

Posted: 10 Jun 2016, 14:58
by Darksoprano
Franco Corelli was obsessed with refining his technique, especially the lyrical parts. For a big voice, the skill was incredible. He was basically a singing god. I don't know how critics can claim he was devoid of brains and style. Although I will say, some of his off performances or ventures in the French repertory were crude.

Re: Franco Corelli

Posted: 29 Jun 2016, 18:11
by Jimlejim
Like any tenor lover, I love Corelli, but only small doses. His later recordings where he had a more pronounced lisp are especially tiring to my ears. I actually like him most in recordings form the 50s.