De Lucia - correct speed?

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De Lucia - correct speed?

Post by Jimlejim »

Since De Lucia's singing is quite unusual for modern listeners, it is quite difficult to pitch his records at correct speed. A lot of reissue LPs or CDs pitch him at totally wrong speed, usually at much faster speed than it should be, therefore distorting the tonal quality quite badly as well as exaggerating his vibrato too much. I have experimented with this record for quite a bit, and concluded that this record should be played at around 71.92rpm - the same speed for most of Caruso's first recordings of 1902.
But is this the right speed? I think it's too fast.
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Re: De Lucia - correct speed?

Post by LaGioconda »

sounds just a bit fast to me, too.
This one sounds right

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Re: De Lucia - correct speed?

Post by TifosoBonisolli »

LaGioconda is right, the second Youtube version linked here is in correct speed, the first one is not.
Generally spoken, all de Lucia speed issues have long and definitely been solved - Christian Zwarg's complete de Lucia edition is the know-all-end-all version of each of his recordings.

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