Any fans of Joyce DiDonato here?

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Any fans of Joyce DiDonato here?

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Tenor freak. :D

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Re: Any fans of Joyce DiDonato here?

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Re: Any fans of Joyce DiDonato here?

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I certainly enjoy Joyce DiDonato. Saw her recently here as part of her 'War and Peace' tour and it was one of the most theatrical experiences that I have seen, in years. I also consider her one of the most intelligent singers on stage.


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Re: Any fans of Joyce DiDonato here?

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Amina wrote: 18 Jul 2017, 21:34Yes!!
Can't say I am. (apologies if you weren't looking for a nay-sayer's view.)

While her coloratura is always impeccable, I always want to say: meh. Lots of people can sing lots of fast notes, but can ya sing legato?

When she tries, all I hear is a bleat and an "unsupported" sound that may work for fast work, but for anything sustained? Not so much, imo.

And the simple fact I've worked alongside her and know what she's like. If the topic isn't on her, she's off to the next person who will talk about her favorite subject. Any guesses as to what that is? :roll: My private and utterly personal POV is, she's another product of a PR. There are a LOT better singers out there....who don't play the game quite as well.

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