Janez Lotric

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Janez Lotric

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Perhaps this tenor name is not widely known. However, getting down to his speciality - high notes, most tenors sweat blood to achieve. Quite a few years ago now, Luciano Pavarotti achieved a certain notoriety when he whacked out the nine high C's in 'pour mon ame' Donizetti's 'Fille du Regiment' and put the aria in the 'must perform' tenor repertoire. Then along comes Florez to almost make the aria his signature tune and almost common place.
Have a listen to Janez Lotric (now 62 years old) in particular the final 3 notes. Please tell me what you think.

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Re: Janez Lotric

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I heard Lotrič quite often on stage, in a variety of roles: Cavaradossi, Prophète, Canio, Manrico, Rodolfo, Turiddu, Bacchus spring to my mind, and there has certainly been more. Of the three excerpts that you've posted, his "Pour mon âme" is of course legendary (among his studio recordings, I also like "Bratsi v metel" a lot, by the way); the two live recordings show him already past his prime (by now, I think his career is over). Lotrič was certainly an overlooked singer, but on the other hand, he was more a tenor for the provinces than for the international top stages - because he was too unsteady: he could outdo almost any of his colleagues one evening - and be a total desaster a week later. He would never cancel a performance, which means that he would sing in any state of voice, excellently disposed as well as completely ill-disposed... and from his many live recordings that I know, it seems that his best achievements typically came off in his native Slovenia. What he was able to do there (absolutely in the same period in which I heard him elsewhere) went far beyond anything I heard him do on stage. (There is, for example, an absolutely brilliant "Salut demeure" from a concert in Slovenia, like probably nobody else has sung that aria after WWII.) But also outside Slovenia, he once sang Turiddu at the Vienna State Opera in the same brilliant form; unfortunately, I wasn't there and heard that only on the radio. When I heard him as Turiddu just a bit later in another (smaller) theater, he was completely hoarse, actually voiceless (that was an evening when he really should have cancelled!), and the performance, although he managed to sing also Canio on that same evening, was simply terrible.

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