Acting in concert format

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Acting in concert format

Post by Basso »

How do people feel about acting in a solo concert format? There is no set, costumes and no other actors to direct your attention to. So, all the acting is out of context and a bit odd, almost like being a mime. We see singers from the past often fairly motionless and simply singing with basic gestures for limited visual appeal. Yet, singers today make a big deal about it. Perhaps compensating for something else? I have no opinion about it expect I think one should do what is natural. Not to act in a choreographed way but also not to constrain one's self out of a fear of overacting or pantomiming.

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Re: Acting in concert format

Post by onionscd »

Let me seemingly go off the topic for a bit to make a point. I love opera, and love rock music too. Well, rock from the 50s to the early 80s, at least.

One of the best rock concerts I ever saw was Pink Floyd in the late seventies. Their first song was "Meddle", and they brought down the house. And, they barely moved - just played and sang beautifully.

Okay, back to opera: the voice is the thing. Acting is beyond being even a secondary thing. It is way down on the list. If someone has a decent physical presence, that is a little extra bonus. But, it's not necessary. Either you can sing or you can't. Acting is for actors, not opera singers. Especially in concert.

I'd rather see some passion on stage than acting... as long as there is great singing.

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Re: Acting in concert format

Post by Darksoprano »

I think the acting should be restricted to the emotion and meaning of what you sing. Pretending there are people or objects there which are absent almost always looks too silly in concert setting, though I have seen great actors with charisma pull it off. When in doubt, act with the voice!

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Re: Acting in concert format

Post by CVAULT1 »

I'd have to agree with the preceding post. Acting to the air seems a bit ludicrous. I have never seen this myself, but the emotion some singers put in on their selections gets through to the listener quite well.

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Re: Acting in concert format

Post by oddjobman »

An example of phony emotion and bad taste:

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Re: Acting in concert format

Post by shutko »

oddjobman wrote:An example of phony emotion and bad taste:
If the singers move like this before they move me then they are definitely over acting to compensate for lack of voice, this is a perfect example thanks :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Re: Acting in concert format

Post by Jimlejim »

It all depends on the singer. You have to be able to act and adapt on a concert stage. It's impossible to tell without seeing video of you.
Tenor freak. :D

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