Celso Albelo

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Celso Albelo

Postby Jimlejim » 08 Jan 2016, 20:00

Amazing top, isn't it?
Tenor freak. :D

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Re: Celso Albelo

Postby LaGioconda » 09 Jan 2016, 12:00

That was back in 2006 or earlier. Even back then I find his upper range rather forced and not really "cleanly" sung. Heard him as Duca in September 2015 (Calleja had cancelled...) and was really dissappointed. VERY approximative singing and effortful singing. A sloppy "Parmi veder le lagrime". Some intonation problems, too. Very dissappointing.

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Re: Celso Albelo

Postby TifosoBonisolli » 10 Jan 2016, 00:37

LaGioconda wrote:VERY approximative singing and effortful singing.
Definitely. And a tiny voice that's simply insufficient for a big theater.

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Re: Celso Albelo

Postby aulusagerius » 27 Feb 2016, 22:54

I thought he was unacceptable as Leceister in the Met Maria Stuarda broadcasts. Opening night was streamed from the Met website and last Saturday was the usual Saturday matinee broadcast. I listened to both. Opening night was the worst for him. Really unlovely tone and the high notes were particularly distressing. However, Pavarotti is the only tenor I've ever heard do justice to this role, in the recording with Sutherland and Tourangeau which happens to be the first opera recording I fell in love with. Live I have heard Stephen Costello as well as Michael Spyres and neither one of them was really much better than Celso Albelo. I hope I will have the opportunity to hear how Andrew Owens does in Seattle tomorrow afternoon, but I doubt it as the 'A' cast is almost certainly what will be broadcast on radio at a later date. I have heard that Pavarotti had difficulty with the role and never performed in on stage, but he does a fantastically beautiful job on that recording. :D :!:

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