Verdi - Nabucco - 'Salgo gia...'

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Verdi - Nabucco - 'Salgo gia...'

Postby Geoff » 11 Oct 2017, 23:19

Ladies and Gents, liike me, I suppose that many of you have not seen Verdi's 'Nabucco' in a live performance although it's given it Italy fairly frequently by the look of things. It's the usual Verdi fare I suppose, given that the chorus 'Va Pensiero' is so well known. Thanks to Youtube and the number of operatic recordings and videos, we can still enjoy it and this particular aria - 'salgo gia...' is the dramatic soprano equivalent of 'Di quella pira' (Il Trovatore), in my view. Ghena Dhimitrova reigned supreme with it at 'La Scala and Elena Souliotis ( whose career was short and ill-starred) blazed like a comet across an operatic sky.

Anyway, here are one or two selections ro get your teeth into. Opinions are always appreciated.
I've deliberately left out Callas, who is in a league of her own

Regards, Geoff.

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