Five Operas Worth Re-Discovering

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Five Operas Worth Re-Discovering

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Discussion for the focus feature "Five Operas Worth Re-Discovering".

"Quality certainly isn’t the only criterion that decides whether a work of art survives or not: luck and a few other rather aleatory factors seem to play a major role. In today’s standard repertoires we can find works that should not have survived the decade in which they were written. Those are works that are known for one or two clever melodic idea while the rest lacks invention and substance. Then, on the other hand, there are works that are of high musical quality throughout that fell from grace from the very beginning or just enjoyed short waves of popularity or a renaissance – just to be ignored and forgotten for good. Granted, operatic literature is full of works that were rightly forgotten simply for their lack of musical substance. This focus feature, however, presents five operas that are worth re-discovering."

Link: ... scovering/
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Re: Five Operas Worth Re-Discovering

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I enjoy these features a lot. I don't have anything worthwhile to add to or discuss. I don't know enough about obscure materials. Although I know more now! Perhaps others can provide more insight.

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Re: Five Operas Worth Re-Discovering

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I'm coming a bit late to this topic but I've recently come across Otto Nicolai's 'Il Templario' which is based on Sir Walter Scott's 'Ivanhoe' - a dramatic romantic subject which is well known in literary circles and has been made in a film in year gone by. Now I'm never likely to see a performance of 'Il Templario' and I suspect that I'm not on my own but it's an opera which is full of melody and stirring, heroic music. I've downloaded in in full and it's extremely listenable so I'm sure that given a stage performance it would be very well received.
Here is an excerpt (thank you Youtube) with Juan Diego Florez, so judge for yourselves:

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