• Enrico Caruso

    Reflections on the greatness of Enrico Caruso

    Enrico Caruso was a unique great tenor, without any doubt. I included him in my personal choice of the XX century “avant guard” group of great tenors. The group comprises the Italians Caruso,

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  • Trojanwar

    Dream opera seasons (again)

    I love dreaming up opera seasons! I’m not actually managing an opera festival, so I am not beholden to petty concerns about what will sell tickets. I enjoy creating seasons with a strong theme, ideally with the opportunity for musical variety within that theme. Few companies actually …

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  • Feodor Chaliapin

    Reflections on Feodor Chaliapin

    During the golden age of opera, there have been four mythical singers: tenor Enrico Caruso, soprano Maria Callas, baritone Titta Ruffo and bass Fedor Chaliapin. Behind them, a myriad of singers entered and echoed in the Hall of Fame. The splendid voices of Elisabeth Rethberg, …

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  • Dubrovsky


    Nápravník’s accomplishments as a composer are not the main reasons for his place in Russian music history as he is best known for being the principal conductor at St. Petersburg for over 50 years, and unlike some now more famous Russian composers of his time, …

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  • 51jhwywbk8l  Sl500 Sx323 Bo1204203200

    Book review: A Song of Love and Death

    Peter Conrad’s A Song of Love and Death sports a grand subtitle: “The Meaning of Opera.” Don’t expect the promised enlightenment—“A Catalogue of Opera” would have been more appropriate. The book freewheels through the canon, calling on both famous and obscure operas to support the author’s claims. Conrad …

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