• Don G

    We need to talk about projections

    I’m currently at Santa Fe Opera for the first time. I love it: both the city and the festival are beautiful. I saw Rimsky-Korsakov’s The Golden Cockerel (a rarity, at least in this part of the world) on Wednesday evening. It was colorful and entertaining and beautifully …

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  • Xubpwbmjwdvhwmxdycot

    Brett Dean’s Hamlet (online opera review)

    It’s summer festival season, that glorious time of year when Europe (and even parts of the US) are bursting with so much opera that it’s impossible to choose where to go. Fortunately for those of us who don’t have the time or money to fly …

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  • Pietro Mascagni: Silvano

    Five Operas Worth Re-Discovering

    Quality certainly isn’t the only criterion that decides whether a work of art survives or not: luck and a few other rather aleatory factors seem to play a major role. In today’s standard repertoires we can find works that should not have survived the decade …

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  • Else Gentner-Fischer

    Else Gentner-Fischer

    Else Gentner-Fischer was born on September 5th 1883 in Frankfurt am Main where she also began and finished her vocal studies. At the local Opera House she made her operatic debut in 1905 and in the same year married the tenor, Karl Gentner (1876-1922) who, like …

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  • Screenshot 8

    How YouTube Helped Me Learn About Opera

    I’ve loved opera since high school. It started with classical music in general when I first heard Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony. Mrs. Rosenblum, our French teacher, made us listen to all five movements as a reflection assignment when we read André Gide’s La Symphonie Pastorale. That …

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