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Content Guide

Welcome to Opera Vivrà’s content and website guide. Here you can learn more about how our website content is organized, the conventions we use, what you can expect to find in each section, and what we publish on our social media accounts.


The blog is where our contributors can share more distinctly subjective viewpoints than in any other section. While subjectivity is always a factor, in the other sections we generally strive to give topics balanced treatments, while in blog posts, writers are free to rant or give their one-sided take on all things opera. The blog is also the section where we cover opera news, though we do this incidentally as news is not a focus of Opera Vivrà.

Sub-sections: Ask an opera singer, Mystery snippet, and  Tesori (treasured recordings)

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Artist biographies

Artist biographies are original texts on singers’ careers. Some of these are short profiles with basic data that await expansion. We have a convention for profile photos of singers: singers who have passed away have black and white profile photos, while singers who are still with us have full color profile photos.

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Articles are informative pieces on anything that concerns opera, usually around a 1000 words or more. They can be quite personal, but we aim for articles to be more structured and rigorous than blog posts.

Sub-sections: Interviews

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Focus Features

Focus features are in-depth features on a particular aspect the author chooses to focus on. While this is often an aria or segment of an opera, the focus may be virtually anything, from the interpretation of a character throughout the 20th century or a singing technique. Focus features are always supplemented with materials to illustrate points, such as audio or video.

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The forum is a place where readers can gather and discuss all things opera. The forum registration is integrated with the main website, so you only have to register once. Being logged in at the forum, allows you to comment on blog posts, for example. Clicking the site logo in the header will take you back to the main website.

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Social Media

Social media is where we publish updates as well as release media, such as restored video and audio recordings, or colorized B&W photos. On our Facebook page you’ll find our opera in full color series and other media we’ve shared and commented on. You can also find us on Twitter.

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