• Escalais

    Léon Escalaïs

    Léon Escalaïs was born in 1859 in the south of France, making his operatic debut in Paris at the age of 23. One of his signature roles was Arnold in Rossini’s Guillaume Tell which he sang in his first appearance with the Paris Opera in 1883. Escalaïs possessed …

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  • Emmy Destinn

    Emmy Destinn

    The “Divine Emmy” as she is known was perhaps the greatest dramatic soprano voice to ever live, with many of her roles considered unparalleled in performance, and commanding her as the highest paid female singer at the Met during the first decade of the 1900s. Emmy Destinn was born …

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  • Cortis

    Antonio Cortis

    Spain has produced some of the most compelling and brilliant tenors of the 20th Century; Miguel Fleta, Francesco Vignas, Hipolíto Lazáro, and of course Antonio Cortis.  Cortis’ story is one that proves that at one time it certainly was possible to start your career as a chorus singer, progress …

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  • Emma Calvé

    Emma Calvé

    Born in 1858, the dramatic soprano Emma Calvé was an artist of tremendous reputation dominating the stages of the greatest opera houses of her time. She was particularly regarded for her interpretation of Carmen and was a favorite of Pietro Mascagni who had her create the lead roles in …

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  • Mattia Battistini

    Mattia Battistini

    Mattia Battistini was born in 1856 in Rome and showed great musical abilities from a very young age, beginning his vocal studies with the great Venceslao Persichini. His major opera debut came when he was just 22 years of age in Donizetti’s “La Favorita” and enjoyed immediate success and …

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