• Beniamino Gigli at the piano

    An Artistic Home – Beniamino Gigli

    The following is a chapter from Gigli: The Master Tenor, a new English-language biography of the great Italian tenor by the late Colin Bain.  THE ARRIVAL OF Gigli in New York, on October 31st, 1921, marked the beginning of an entirely new chapter in both his …

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  • Gigli

    Beniamino Gigli: The Record of Prejudice

    During the controversial period in his career, in the years leading up to and immediately following World War II, Beniamino Gigli was, above all, the most international of Italian singers, in both his personal orientation and in his arrangement of his itineraries. In effect, Gigli …

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  • Beniamino Gigli

    The aesthetics of Beniamino Gigli’s singing

    A generation of the musical public grew up and had its taste shaped under the influence of Beniamino Gigli’s recordings; and among them a generation of young tenors blossomed under this same influence into artistic maturity…

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