• Pietro Mascagni: Silvano

    Five Operas Worth Re-Discovering

    Quality certainly isn’t the only criterion that decides whether a work of art survives or not: luck and a few other rather aleatory factors seem to play a major role. In today’s standard repertoires we can find works that should not have survived the decade …

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  • Walther Ludwig

    Walther Ludwig

    It is a strange matter of fact that German tenor WALTHER LUDWIG is as little known in Germany as in all the other countries where opera, recorded music and collecting recordings is an inherent part of the cultural life. Not many of the great standard …

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  • Paolo Tosti

    Tenors & Italian Art Song

    What crosses one’s mind if confronted with the terms “Italian song” and “Italian art song”? Well, titles like O sole mio and Torna a Surriento are for sure common connotations, as well as Mamma or Incantesimo. Sure, the first two are Neapolitan songs, and the latter are

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