• Tombstone

    Reports of the Death of Opera Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

    “Yeah, but isn’t opera a dying art form?” You can’t browse any classical music blog or arts news section without encountering a thinkpiece on the slow, painful death of opera. These (typically) well-written articles cite sagging ticket sales, shorter seasons, fewer opera companies. They ask …

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  • Index

    Georgeanne’s First Opera

    Ilana had a great post on the best operas for newbies, and her list is spectacular! Truly great suggestions. In a perfect world, we’d all be introduced to opera in such an accessible way. Not everyone has their first operatic experience in such an easily …

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  • 23nico Articlelarge

    Two Boys, Two Generations

    Opera is no stranger to rivalry. In fact, we crave it. Want proof? Opera audiences have split into factions regarding their favorite divas since Handel’s time, beginning with Francesca Cuzzoni and Faustina Bordoni. We don’t limit our loyalty to singers, either–the 18th century saw its …

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  • 2 The Nose

    Meet You at the Met: My Fall Met Highlights

    Rather than completely anticipate the Metropolitan Opera’s 2013/2014 offerings and give an in-depth analysis of the entire season, I thought I’d break up my picks of productions into manageable chunks. Surprisingly, my choices make me feel a lot Hipper and Cooler than I probably actually …

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  • Ponselle1918

    Art Is Hard

    Are great singers born or made? It’s an eternal question. Whenever I mention to someone that I’m a singer, I am usually met with “oh, I have no singing talent” or “I could never sing.” My immediate reaction to this is to say “Oh, anyone …

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