• Aureliano Pertile

    Aureliano Pertile

    Pertile’s debut was in Flotow’s Martha (1911) after which he obtained an audition with Tullio Serafin. In two years he performed at the Teatro Dal Verme in Milan and Teatro Vittorio Emanuele in Turin. Between 1913 and 1921 his career went on from success to …

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  • Harry Secombe

    Harry Secombe

    Music played a big part in Harry Secombe’s life, from his childhood in Swansea when he was a choirboy at St Stephen’s, Danygraig, although he never had a singing lesson until 1952. He got his first break during the war, taking part in many concert …

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  • Enrico Caruso

    Reflections on the greatness of Enrico Caruso

    Enrico Caruso was a unique great tenor, without any doubt. I included him in my personal choice of the XX century “avant guard” group of great tenors. The group comprises the Italians Caruso,

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  • Feodor Chaliapin

    Reflections on Feodor Chaliapin

    During the golden age of opera, there have been four mythical singers: tenor Enrico Caruso, soprano Maria Callas, baritone Titta Ruffo and bass Fedor Chaliapin. Behind them, a myriad of singers entered and echoed in the Hall of Fame. The splendid voices of Elisabeth Rethberg, …

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  • Chaliapin 1

    Legendary voices in song

    Before the advent of discography, songs were rarely included by opera singers in their repertoire but they made exception for folkloristic songs especially in Germany, Russia and England, which were deemed suitable for concerts and refined salons.

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