• Alexander Davydov

    Alexander Davidov

    Born Israel Levinson on 4 September 1872 in Poltawa, Russian tenor Alexander Davydov had some vocal lessons c1890, but his debut at Dnepropetrovsk was so heavily criticized that he moved into smaller roles. He moved to the Maryinski Theatre in 1900 where he sang the …

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  • Anatoly Orfenov

    Anatoly Orfenov

    In 1928, Orfenov came to Moscow and found a place in the class of Alexander Akimovicha Pogorelskogo, follower of the Italian school of Bel Canto.Working with the major masters of Russian musical art finally shaped Orfenov into an ‘individual’ actor. He rapidly gained a leading …

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  • Andrey Labinsky

    Andrey Labinsky

    Born on 26 July 1871 in Kharkiv, Ukraine, Russian tenor Andrei Labinsky studied singing at the Petersburg Conservatoire (1895-1899) with Stanislaus Gabel and Victor Samus. He debuted in 1899 at the Maryinsky as Berendei, singing there until 1912 and returning for the seasons of 1919-1924. …

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  • David Badridze

    David Badridze

    He studied at Tiflis Conservatoire, passing with honours c1926. For c8 years, he sang at the Opera House at Tiflis; then at the Bolshoi Theatre until 1948; retired shortly afterwards. Repertoire included ‘Almaviva’, ‘Duke of Mantua’, ‘Faust’, ‘Lenski’, ‘Nadir’. His records are rarely found. Badridze …

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