• Dong Glyndebourne

    Summer opera deprivation

    For a student like me, summer is great. It brings a blessed stretch of time free of classes and papers. It has lots of other benefits too—barbecues, Popsicles, and Shakespeare in the park. There’s just one things missing: opera. Pretty much every opera company in …

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  • Glyndebourne Hall247

    A weekend in the country

    I don’t mean this weekend in the country, though it’s definitely worth watching. I’m referring to country house summer opera festivals, which seem to enjoy extraordinary popularity in England. Many opera lovers have probably heard of the most famous, Glyndebourne. (You can enjoy their productions via …

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  • Jonathan Dove

    The composer is in the building

    It’s Monday, just three days before the Cambridge University Opera Society’s production of Jonathan Dove’s Tobias and the Angel. During down time in rehearsal, we get to chatting about all the ways we’re violating Dove’s intentions: we have no children’s chorus; we don’t split the men’s and …

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  • Capriccio Eiche Fleming Schade

    Prima la musica, poi le parole?

    Prima la musica, poi le parole is a one-act opera by Salieri, commissioned and performed in 1786 at the same time as Mozart’s Der Schauspieldirektor. Emperor Joseph set up the commissions as a kind of competition, not only between the two composers, but between Italian and …

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  • Fassbaenderrosenkavalier

    Bodies that matter

    (with apologies to Judith Butler for appropriating that title out of context) In response to the controversy that resulted from several critics’ unsavory remarks on a singer’s body in their reviews of Glyndebourne Festival Opera’s Der Rosenkavalier, Alice Coote penned ‘an open letter to opera critics.’ …

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