• Phantom

    Musical theatre as an opera singer

    Some opera singers and aficionados feel a sort of intellectual superiority to musical theatre. My opera history classes and online opera communities are the places where I hear people who are generally quite fond of both music and theatre deride shows like Les Miserables and Phantom of …

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  • Operadessert

    Opera cookbooks

    I promise they do feed me at Cambridge! My current focus on food is not indicative of chronic hunger. Now that I’ve made that disclaimer, I thought I’d continue the theme by rounding up opera-related cookbooks. I’ve already pointed out that food plays a rather …

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  • Hansgnom

    Eating on the stage

    Last week I asked what opera-goers should do about food (I’m still waiting for suggestions); this week it’s the characters’ relationship with food I want to explore. Plenty of singing about food and beverages happens in operas, especially the comedies. We’ll leave aside drinking songs …

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  • Parsifaltrad

    A Wagner opera dilemma

    I just returned from a long, opera-filled winter break in continental Europe. As fabulous as that was, I frequently encountered a difficult-to-resolve dilemma: If you’re going to an opera, when do you eat dinner? This isn’t so much of an issue for a typical opera …

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  • Virginia Opera Don Giovanni Photo Call 2 5 10

    Don Giovanni’s Honor

    Although the barihunks who play him often lend him a rakish charm, I think we can agree that Don Giovanni is a pretty despicable character. His idea of a good time is sleeping with women however he can get them, whether that’s seduction, lies, or …

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