• Barberofseville

    Best first operas

    Like most opera fans, I am a bit of an opera evangelist. It’s hard to be my friend or acquaintance for long without getting dragged to the opera by me. However, after a few failed attempts at converting friends to opera fandom with inappropriate fare, …

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  • Stephano

    My favorite trouser roles

    There’s a saying in opera and musical theatre that the mezzos and altos get to play three types of roles: “witches, bitches, and britches”. While there are some exceptions, it’s a fairly accurate statement. The first two are certainly fun to play, but dearest to …

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  • 23nico Articlelarge

    Two Boys, Two Generations

    Opera is no stranger to rivalry. In fact, we crave it. Want proof? Opera audiences have split into factions regarding their favorite divas since Handel’s time, beginning with Francesca Cuzzoni and Faustina Bordoni. We don’t limit our loyalty to singers, either–the 18th century saw its …

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  • T

    Opera, Operetta, or Musical Theatre?

    A typical conversation with a friend who is relatively unfamiliar with opera might go like this… Me: “Want to go see The Pirates of Penzance with me?” Friend: “Is that an opera? I’m not really into operas.” Me: “Not really–well, sort of. It’s an operetta.” Friend: …

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  • Don Giovanni Large

    Interpreting Zerlina

    My university’s opera society recently announced that they’ll be performing Don Giovanni this year, so I’m naturally devoting a lot of brainpower to thinking about auditions. Traditionally, all three of the women in the opera are sung by sopranos, but some opera companies have recently been casting …

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  • Interpreting Zerlina
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