Opera on Video

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Opera on Video

Post by Geoff »

I've been away from O-V for quite a while but it doesn't look like there has been much activity which isn't really all that surprising as things are bound to settle down. I know that all of us much prefer to view our opera live in the theatre but it isn't always possible for any number of reasons but it seems to me that we are reasonably well catered for by opera on video (or DVD - take your pick). I've recently had the opportunity of seeing Villazon's recent production of 'L'Elisir D'Amore' which I've quite enjoyed even if the much earlier one with Netrebko is (to me) preferable, plus a 1960 black & white 'Otello' with Gobbi, which in spite of the poor picture quality, is damn good. That's just the tip of the iceberg and in spite of some quite daft productions, I'm curious as to how other forum users find opera on DVD ?

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Re: Opera on Video

Post by Rodolfo »

I have seen a few operas in the 1980s live (before surtitles were projected over the stage). It was before I was really into opera. Since then and after getting into opera 30 years later, I have seen two operas in concert and really appreciated that experience from both visual and sound quality aspect. But most of my opera experience is on CD, so no imagery, and when I have time I watch opera on DVD. I find the DVD experience to be quite fulfilling as I can use the subtitles and I can back up if I miss something or want to replay a scene.

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