Verdi - Nabucco - 'Salgo gia...'

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Verdi - Nabucco - 'Salgo gia...'

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Ladies and Gents, liike me, I suppose that many of you have not seen Verdi's 'Nabucco' in a live performance although it's given it Italy fairly frequently by the look of things. It's the usual Verdi fare I suppose, given that the chorus 'Va Pensiero' is so well known. Thanks to Youtube and the number of operatic recordings and videos, we can still enjoy it and this particular aria - 'salgo gia...' is the dramatic soprano equivalent of 'Di quella pira' (Il Trovatore), in my view. Ghena Dhimitrova reigned supreme with it at 'La Scala and Elena Souliotis ( whose career was short and ill-starred) blazed like a comet across an operatic sky.

Anyway, here are one or two selections ro get your teeth into. Opinions are always appreciated.
I've deliberately left out Callas, who is in a league of her own

Regards, Geoff.

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Re: Verdi - Nabucco - 'Salgo gia...'

Post by Jim »

Nabucco has always been an opera with magnificent music but tricky to get into as it is a very difficult sing. Getting singers capable of doing it justice in one spot at the same time is not easy. The Fenena and the Ismaele are particularly difficult to cast, I think. Abigaile is perhaps a little easier but not by much.

My favorite performance of those chosen is the Dimitrova one, by a long way. She is comfortable in it and has the flexibility to sing the runs properly. Next would be Guleghina but not as easy or as accurate but enjoyable. The most exciting rendition is Souliotis because I am on edge wondering will she be able to finish it. The notes are hit like a sledgehammer and the runs are badly slurred. The 2017 one I am not commenting on, but I got the impression that she just wanted to get it finished. Unlike Dimitrova the voice also sounds on the limit.

With Callas 'a league of her own' is one way to put it.


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