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Posted: 19 Dec 2018, 23:37
by Geoff
I regularly trawl through Youtube, which is an Aladdin's Cave for just about everything and I would recommend having a look at Salvatore Fisichella tutoring Jack LiVigni. Fisichella, now retired after a successful career at the very top, had and still has, at the age of seventy, a voice of vitality, beauty and power of a tenor half his age. Jack LiVigni, left the professional operatic stage far too early for reasons which I fully respect but - (and this is only my opinion based on 70 years of listening to the human voice), Jack has a Premiership voice comparable to those currently raking in the top dollars. It strikes me as being a strange and unfair world when such a talent is overlooked.

Best wishes, Geoff.

Re: Youtube

Posted: 25 Dec 2018, 16:46
by Jimlejim
Fully agree on Fisichella!!