Grandi-Tenori reunion thread

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Re: Grandi-Tenori reunion thread

Post by Pantenor »

I used to post on GT, but I prefer to keep my old nick to myself. Fresh start. Nice work!

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Re: Grandi-Tenori reunion thread

Post by Jim »

I am an old fossil from the Grandi-Tenori days. I am delighted to see this resurrection and indeed some of the contributors from there. I hope it will be a lively reincarnation. In the main Grandi-Tenori was a site of lively debate and largely respectful of varying opinions with some well known exceptions familiar to the likely readers of this section.
By the way this site is very well structured and informative and is currently among-st the most interesting sites out there. I have not explored it fully yet but it looks like it will take me a while.

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