• Mario Lanza

    Mario Lanza reassessed

    Mario Lanza possessed “one of the truly great natural tenor voices of the past century – a voice of beauty, passion, and power!” So declares Placido Domingo in his preface to Armando Cesari’s 2004 biography, Mario Lanza: An American Tragedy. Crediting Lanza’s films

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  • Giacomo Lauri-Volpi

    Meetings onstage – Lauri-Volpi

    I first met Lauri-Volpi in Rome, but started singing with him later, in Monte Carlo. Having just finished one exhausting tour, I suddenly knew that my impresario had made an agreement, according to which I would have to perform in the capital of Monaco during several forthcoming months…

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  • Beniamino Gigli

    The aesthetics of Beniamino Gigli’s singing

    A generation of the musical public grew up and had its taste shaped under the influence of Beniamino Gigli’s recordings; and among them a generation of young tenors blossomed under this same influence into artistic maturity…

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  • Bartoli Bellini

    Bellini, Norma and Bartoli

    Bellini’s musical training was first within the family then continued under Nicola Zingarelli at the Naples Conservatory when he became thoroughly familiar wwith the works of Haydn, Mozart and…

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  • Hipólito Lázaro

    Recollections of Hipólito Lázaro

    Lázaro looked somewhat like the stereotypical Latin leading man, as popularized in the twenties and thirties. My father says that he befriended Lázaro from the thirties to around 1950, in which year he retired.

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