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    Best opera of 2016

    Hello, loyal opera fans! I’m Ilana Walder-Biesanz, a not-so-new blogger for Opera Vivrà. I wrote here back in 2013 and 2014, but I’ve been away for the past couple years and am looking forward to blogging (and reading all of your comments) once again. I’m …

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  • 4 tenors from Malta

    Special: 4 tenors from Malta

    Today is the birthday of  tenor Joseph Calleja, the latest star in an illustrious line of successful tenors from the small island of Malta. In celebration of him and those before him, we present a special on tenors from Malta this month. Four tenors are featured, …

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  • Franco Corelli and Giacomo Lauri-Volpi

    Corelli & Lauri-Volpi

    Corelli was present, together with Martinelli, at the unveiling of a head statue of Giacomo Lauri-Volpi (LV) at the Met hallway in 1965. Why was Corelli present? The reason is that LV had been his friend and valuable artistic mentor. LV had taken Corelli under …

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    The Ilana Opera Awards

    I’ve probably miscounted somewhere, but it looks like I saw 38 plays and 44 operas in Europe this past season. As you might guess, I have some favorites. So without further ado, let’s begin with operas: The Unexpected but Awesome Colors Award for surprisingly successful production aesthetics …

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  • Margaret Juntwait

    Margaret Juntwait (1957-2015)

    WQXR reports that host of the Metropolitan Opera’s Saturday Afternoon Radio Broadcasts has died due to complications following a battle with cancer. Juntwait was 58. The follow statement was released to the press by the Met’s press department:

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