An opera ‘urban dictionary,’ part 2 (singer nicknames)

As a follow-up on last week’s post, I present to you the second part of my opera ‘urban dictionary.’ This part focuses on singer nicknames of varying levels of official-ness. (Some are actually from the singers’ childhoods, others are commonly used in the press, and some are simply the coinages of adoring fans for online discussion purposes.)

We have added a page for the opera ‘urban dictionary,’ so both parts will be there, and I will add new words there as they are suggested.

  • Jonas Kaufmann: der Jonas, JK, El Guapo
  • Anna Netrebko: Trebs, La Bellissima
  • Renée Fleming: NeNe
  • Joyce DiDonato: J-Diddy or J-Didz
  • Marina Poplavskaya: Popsy
  • Juan Diego Flórez: J-Flo
  • Anja Harteros: Die Harteros
  • Thomas Hampson: T. Hamps
  • Roberto Alagna: Roberto Lasagna
  • Beverly Sills: Bubbles
  • Marilyn Horne: Jackie
  • Frederica von Stade: Flicka
  • Joan Sutherland: La Stupenda
  • Maria Callas: La Divina
  • Giuseppe di Stefano: Pipo
  • Antonio Cortis: Il Piccolo Caruso
  • Tita Ruffo: Voce del leone

Thanks to @tinydooms, @F1Annie, @AkselToll, @SopranoJane, @stenoknight, and @TheJappleton for their input.

A reminder: Please suggest new words or nicknames in the comments, or tweet them to me at @ilana_wb.