An overview of Grandi Tenori week

During Grandi Tenori Week we’ve published six main great tenor biographies and in addition also put online few shorter biographies. To conclude, here is an overview of the six main biographies published and for each tenor, a stunning example of their artistry.

Jussi Björling

A sublime voice of a laser-like focus with an intrinsic melancholy that is immediately recognizable. Read Jussi Björling’s biography.

Alfredo Kraus

Refined and elegant, Alfredo’s metallic timbre in mezza voce is ethereal. Read Alfredo Kraus’ biography.

Mario Filippeschi

Although Filippeschi had more refinement in his younger years than this recording might indicate, here we can enjoy his energetic tackling of the feverishly difficult Arnoldo. Read Filippeschi’s biography

Beniamino Gigli

The unmistakable golden and honeyed tones of Beniamino Gigli. Read Gigli’s biography.

Giuseppe Di Stefano

Dubbed by many to be one of the most beautiful tenor voices to ever grace the stage. Di Stefano’s timbre alone makes Rodolfo sound poetic. Read Di Stefano’s biography.

Franco Corelli

A thunderous voice whose owner sought refinement in singing throughout his life. Franco Corelli in one of his, if not the most magical moments on stage, treats us to a languid diminuendo so exquisite and appropriate to the meaning that the stretching of the music matters not. What follows is an electrifying conclusion to the aria that meets the eruption of the audience. Read Franco Corelli’s biography.