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screenshot.49Opera Vivrà aims to fuel the passion of opera lovers and spark interest in those unfamiliar with opera. We realize our mission with casual blog posts, original artist biographies, informative articles, and in-depth features. Opera Vivrà covers present and emerging artists, as well as performers of times long gone; sometimes obscure and sadly, nearly forgotten artists. We embrace the past, present and future of opera. To learn more about our team, content and how to support us, browse the about sections list in the right-hand sidebar.

History was an e-library with biographies and articles on tenors, historical and contemporary, extended with rich analysis of renditions of arias, news on promising tenors and debates on tenors’ vocal qualities, stage presence and interpretation. It was also a meeting place for opera lovers, be it mere aficionados or singers, professional as well as young and aspiring. One of the aims of the site was to put aficionados of vocal art together and promote young artists who otherwise lack exposure. was live for over a decade and discontinued by the end of 2010. was launched in the last quarter of 2011, in part as a spiritual successor to, with a similar purpose, but covering all voice types.


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