• Hipólito Lázaro

    Hipólito Lázaro

    Lázaro’s early years were the years of an unusually promising tenor, the Caruso-successor, the incarnation of the Tenor-Torero, self-secure, with ringing top notes and fearless of extreme tessitura. Lauri-Volpi claims he could sometimes approach the audience at the proscenium in the middle of a performance, whispering to them: “Behold, you are listening to the number one tenor in the world!” Yet he didn’t succeed in becoming the household name Caruso had before him, despite the fame and the acknowledgment he enjoyed in his native Spain and throughout Central and South America. According to Lauri-Volpi, Lázaro “stopped his ascent half way for his fixation of imitating Caruso and surpassing his glory or for giving up the 19th century repertory and choosing to sing Mascagni’s operas.”

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  • Juan Diego Flórez

    Juan Diego Flórez

    Juan Diego Flórez was born in Lima, Peru, on 13 January 1973. His father, Rubén Flórez , was a singer of Peruvian folk songs and his son inherited the musical vein and as a boy and teenager sang his father’s songs, besides singing in a …

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  • Misha Didyk

    Misha Didyk

    This young Ukranian tenor with a big voice has been singing professionally since 1994. He inherited a lyric/dramatic voice from his mother and first appeared on stage singing at the age of seven. At the age of fifteen he admitted into the Klmelnnystskyi School of …

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  • Johan Botha

    Johan Botha

    Born 1965 in Rustenburg, South Africa. He had his first singing lessons at the age of ten and at the age of 20, following completion of his education and military service, studied in Pretori first as a Bass-Baritone and later as a tenor. He made …

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  • Giuseppe Zampieri

    Giuseppe Zampieri

    Giuseppe Zampieri was born on May 21st 1921 in Verona and died on Nov 11th 1981 in Milan. He was a tailor when he won a singing competition in Bologna in 1948. Thereafter he went to Milan and studied with Gina Cigna and Barona Barra. Following …

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