• Madamebutterfly

    Racism and sexism in operas

    Racism and sexism are huge issues in every sphere of society, and they affect the opera world in many ways. Racial and gender considerations in casting and opera management are both issues worthy of discussion (and they have, in fact, been debated quite a bit …

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  • Noyes Fludde

    Community operas

    I recently got cast in a production of Jonathan Dove’s Tobias and the Angel. The director’s vision includes playing up the ‘community opera’ origins of the piece. I’ve never been in or seen a ‘community opera’ before, so I had a few questions. What are they? Where …

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  • Jktweet

    Singers’ private lives

    We live in a culture that ruthlessly devours news from celebrities’ private lives. We want to know what famous people are eating and wearing and buying, how their relationships are going, how they’re raising their children. Some of this curiosity stems from a desire to …

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  • Derjonas

    An opera ‘urban dictionary,’ part 2 (singer nicknames)

    As a follow-up on last week’s post, I present to you the second part of my opera ‘urban dictionary.’ This part focuses on singer nicknames of varying levels of official-ness. (Some are actually from the singers’ childhoods, others are commonly used in the press, and …

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  • Mezzosexual

    An opera ‘urban dictionary,’ part 1

    Opera is an art form that comes with its own vocabulary. Coloratura, tessitura, passaggio, heldentenor, zwischenfach, bel canto, spinto… the list of special terminology (mostly borrowed from Italian, German or French) goes on and on. The New Grove Dictionary of Opera provides helpful definitions of …

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  • An opera ‘urban dictionary,’ part 1
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