• Domenico Viglione Borghese

    Domenico Viglione Borghese

    On July 3rd 1877, in the same year as Titta Ruffo, Domenico Viglione Borghese was born in Mondovì / Piemont. After having started agricultural studies in Milan which were soon abandoned, he started to have his voice trained at the Conservatory in Pesaro and by …

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  • Robert Merrill

    Robert Merrill

    Robert Merrill was born Moishe Miller on June 4th 1917 in Brooklyn/New York. Like many artists of the „Italian department“ at the MET in these days, Merrill´s family, too, had their roots in Eastern Europe: his parents had emigrated from Poland some years before he …

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  • Giuseppe Valdengo

    Giuseppe Valdengo

    Giuseppe Valdengo was born on May 24th 1914 in Turin in Piemont. At the Conservatory of Turin he completed his oboe studies and also studied the piano, violin and cor anglais. It was the composer, Franco Alfano, then director of the Conservatory, who encouraged him …

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  • Antonio Magini Coletti

    Antonio Magini-Coletti

    A singer, who belonged to last century´s “titans“ – a representative of an era, when much more importance was attached to the art of vocal technique than today. Antonio Magini-Coletti´s baritone voice ranks among the most magnificent vocal instruments of our knowledge. Apart from the …

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  • Mariano Stabile

    Mariano Stabile

    The baritone Mariano Stabile was born into a highly distinguished family in Palermo, Sicily on May 12th 1888. His early desire to study singing did not match at all what his family had planned for their son`s future. He eloped to Naples where he soon …

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